You Are The First Madden NFL Club Championship

Electronic Arts recently announced that the first Madden NFL Club Championship (hereinafter referred to as MCS) will be jointly organized with the US's largest American Football Federation, the NFL, a milestone in the history of competitive games and e-sports events.



Thanks to the grand co-operation, all 32 NFL teams are represented, which we have not seen so much cooperation so far. The EA Sports Madden NFL 18 GOAT Edition will be released on August 22, with a total of $ 403,000 (over 100 million forints) prize money being won by the entrepreneur players.

Players in the first round, as usual in similar caliber tournaments, will be selected in an online qualification system from where the best in NFL stadiums can fight each other. However, only 1 competitor will be placed in the hat for NFL teams, so the 32 most talented players will be able to take part in the MCS multi-day finals, which will be held at Pro Bowl Experience in Orlando, and then at Minneapolis at Super Bowl Experience.


The bet is not small, as the champion gets cash prizes and receives two tickets for the upcoming Super Bowl. EA head coach Andrew Wilson said that players have been involved in the NFL races all over the world, and now they have never seen competitive racing opportunities.


If you want to participate in the tournament, you can register on the official site.


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