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Madden NFL 18 - Review

Madden NFL 18 gives a great breakthrough in visual with the power of Frostbite technology. See the stunning new exteriors of the stadiums surrounded by a vast urban landscape and watch the NFL game day show in the most photorealistic game to date. Play each match by following your selected specs from three new Game Styles, or play the best real-world matches every week on Play Now Live! With the introduction of even more ways to play, in conjunction with their modes, 'Madden Ultimate Team' and 'Franchise', this is a Madden like you've never seen before.



Game Features:

  • Target Passing: For the first time, you are not forced to move to your free receiver. Throw anyone you want, in the exact location of the field with the new Target Passing, which gives you definite control of where the ball goes.
  • Game Styles: Play the game you want by selecting from three new and unique game styles that fit each match to your specifications:
  • Arcade - Thrill-filled action, spectacular plays and scores with limited penalties.
  • Simulation - Realistically classify players and teams using the authentic rules and gameplay of the NFL.
  • Competitive - Your ability to control is key, receive great rewards for your ability or receive greater penalties.
  • Coverage Assignment: Learn about your work on pass coverage with a real-time on-screen interface that informs your assignment of pass defense coverage.
  • Technical Adjustments: Customize the AI to adapt to your game plan and make situational changes to your strategy at the time the game demands.

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Two Ways To Earn MUT Coins Online In Madden NFL 18

Welcome back to another tips article for MUT coins. In this we will give you a Madden Ultimate Team Coins Making Tip which will help you get more coins.



Earn Coins At The Auction House


Under "Store" in the MUT-Menu you will find the selection "Auctions and Trades". These are the auction houses where you can buy, sell and trade your player cards. If you want to earn coins, you should use the following method, which is also called "sniping" in the community.


Here is a brief summary before we go into detail: You look for players who are sold below their value, grab them and sell them directly afterwards to a higher amount. Here you should take the side to the help - more to the same.


Here is a guide to the Farming method in "Auctions and Trades":


In the auction house, you sort the players for "Newest" and choose "Silver" in the "Quality" at the beginning. The silver players you can buy with little coins early and thus quickly coins coins.


Invoke "", choose the "Madden NFL 18" database and search for a player you want to buy and then resell. Under "Prices" you can see the latest ticket prices at the auction house.



Score if you spot a player below the average selling price. This happens frequently at night or when the market for the start of a new event is high.

You can return the player to your team or exchange coins for coins. Usually you can screw the "Buy Now" price a bit up, you have already earned a few coins.


You can repeat this process as often as you have collected a lot of coins. Slowly but surely your coins account will increase and soon you can use this method with gold or elite players. These usually bring you even more profit.


MUT Draft For More Coins


Moreover, if you want to farm coins quickly, is aimed at advanced players. With some luck and exercise, however, Madden newcomers can also benefit. From "Play" in the Madden Ultimate Team menu, select the MUT Draft. The mode that brings you the most money here is the Draft.


Here you play "Head to Head" against other players after you have teamed up with a team. The entrance ticket costs 15,000 coins. These are just a few of the beginning, but it will be worth it! You play four matches and the draft ends as soon as you get your first defeat. If you win two victories, you will be rewarded with 10,000 coins and a Gold Premium Pack. This pack should provide you with strong players for the first weeks.


The gold players can be kept or resold as usual. Here are between 2,000 and 20,000 coins in it. In addition, your opponents are comparatively weak at the beginning, since you start with the lowest rank and fight against players who have the same rank. If you reach four victories - which is going to be difficult - there are 20,000 coins and an Elite Player Pack as a reward.


For more game news and reviews, check out the latest issue of Madden NFL 18 or visit the website at


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Test - Madden NFL 18

As the NFL regular season kicks off this week, Madden NFL is pulling out its finest equipment to get back on the road. With a Tom Brady as well as a scripted campaign packed in a GOAT (Greatest of All Time Edition), does Madden NFL have the way to stand out as the best of all time?


If you are interested in EA Sports, you will no doubt have noticed that NBA Live and Madden NFL are embarking, this year, the FIFA step with their own scripted mode. Named Longshot, this one places us in the skin of Devin Wade, a young talented quarterback wanting to integrate one of the 32 teams of NFL. While we thought we would follow the classic course of a pretender to a position in the major American league, Longshot takes us against and proposes a scenario that we were far from imagining at first glance.



It is hoped that you will not see yourself pass the various events of the Scouting Combine, Draft, camps and pre-season games before playing at least one NFL season. In Longshot, dramaturgy counts more than sport. Whether in form or in substance. Indeed, the adventures of Devin will not follow a quiet way and the main thing of the plot will take the form of a reality show called "Longshot" (not crazy the types) supposed to allow the emergence of a future NFL player who has not passed the Combine selection tests.


As much to warn you right away, the segment dealing purely with reality TV is painful to follow. Between the deliberately unbearable characters and the treatment reserved for our hero, one can not say that one follows the classic path of the American Golden Boy. Fortunately, this adventure is rich in references of all kinds, in particular to the award-winning series Friday Night Lights. It's Scott Porter (Jason Street in the series) who will take on the role of your best friend. Kyle Chandler was missing so that the winks do not turn into a declaration of love but it will not be for this time.


From a technical point of view, Longshot is actually disappointing. Even in hindsight, it is hard to see how pre-computed cinematography can be less successful than game sequences. If Devin Wade is very faithfully restored, his friend Colt Cruise is already a little less so, and even not worth talking about the other characters come with a few years of delay.


To finish with the chapter Longshot, it seems essential to talk about its contents hand in hand. First, you have to know that during the four big hours needed to see the end of the scenario, we do not play a single full game. We can play certain phases of the game by controlling only the quarterback. We will also have the right to 7-on-7 games rather refreshing as well as a few exercises of cover reading, launch timing or even precision. These can take a form that is confusing when you are familiar with the classical confrontations offered by the game. Chain some contextual actions before selecting the place where the ball must fall, or even stranger, to control the ball's trajectory once that this one is in the air clearly is not part of the habits of the players of Madden.



After all, why not, a scenario such as Longshot, or The Journey for FIFA, is an opportunity to attempt different phases of gameplay while trying to attract a new audience. It is precisely on this last point that the mode must imperatively review its copy next year because, at the moment, some questions asked require a very good knowledge of American football (for example guess the name of the formation of the the attack based on a photo taken in match) or to retain the combinations and sequences of games called by the offensive coordinators. All this has discouraged the neophytes. If American football clearly deserves to be open to an uninitiated public or rejected by too many rules, the scenario proposed by this Madden is absolutely adapted to this type of audience.


When focusing on the rest of the game, the face-to-face, the Madden Ultimate Team, the MUT Draft or the franchise mode, EA Tiburon teams really found the right recipe last year, have renewed this year to deliver a Madden NFL 18 of excellent quality with a few details. The first of these concerns the basic camera that happens to be very close, in the back of the players. So that when it comes to kicking, it is not uncommon to get caught by a defender who has come to shoot us from one side and that we will not have seen coming.


Since it is necessary to quibble to scratch a few defects, we can also say that the number of interceptions returned Touchdown, the famous Pick-6, are far more present than usual for or against us. In itself, this is nothing dramatic that adds spice and spectacle. We will just have to pay attention to the cover readings as a ball thrown on a cornerback will end up very often in our end-zone.


Speaking of spectacular action, how not to emphasize the return of Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch, in the strength of the Raiders. The player he missed last year to sublimate the Madden NFL 17 racing game. It is now done for this year and as far as the highlight machine has not gone and we will surprise a few times watch slow motion actions with the power to lift crowds.


Graphically speaking, this Madden 2018 version does not really contrast with its predecessor and remains solid overall. The only downside is the lawns which look pretty dirty. It just feels like playing an old synthetic from the 80/90 years that has not been maintained for a long time or then on a lawn that has never been watered. We played well in Los Angeles, Green Bay or Boston, the climate is not for nothing. The lawns are just ugly. Nevertheless, the paintings in the colors of the teams on the gridiron, leave nice effects on the equipment of the players after the contacts a little too pronounced with the ground. Madden 18 Coins PS4/ Xbox One in store now, you guys can click for it.


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Madden 18 Is Approaching With Longshot Mode

The release of the Madden NFL 18 is approaching, which will also feature a campaign career. We can see this first half hour now.


Electronic Arts saw Journey's success at FIFA 17 and decided to try to introduce this game in other sports programs as well. NBA Live chose The One, while in the Madden NFL 18 we can find the title Longshot. The latter was introduced in motion as the first half hour of a young athlete's career was posted on the net.




As you can see, a very talented athlete on a farm will get the chance to jump out and get into the NFL world. He has failed for the first time, but Devin Wade will have the second chance he wants to live with. BioWare also contributed to the development, which can be a good sign of character development. The Madden NFL will be released on August 25, 2017. Get more news from our website: It sells cheap madden coins.


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